BNDES Oks $122MM Loan to Construct 4 Supply Vessels for Oil Exploration

BNDES approved a US $122 million loan for Companhia Brasileira de Offshore (CBO) to acquire four multipurpose platform supply vessels (MPSV-3000) to provide support to oil rigs. The vessels financed by the Merchant Navy Fund (FMM) will be built by Alianca Shipyard in Niteroi (RJ).

The MPSV-3.000 vessels carry supplies and personnel between the onshore support bases and oil prospecting and production rigs. These vessels are designed to perform work at a high level of safety and quickness at any sea condition. For this reason, they are equipped with excellent steering capacity that allows them to come as close as possible to the rigs. Their dynamic positioning system enables the vessels to remain moored in such position without moving, which is highly useful during loading and unloading operations.

The design of the four vessels meets specifications that allow operations in other exploration areas, such as in the North Sea.

The development and technological qualification of Brazilian shipyards, the construction of supply vessels using cutting edge technology, support to the refurbishment of the domestic naval construction industry and keeping of job positions during the building efforts are among the project virtues.

CBO currently employs 480 people. Out of these, 350 work in production (direct labor). The building of four vessels will allow keeping the job positions in Alianca Shipyard. Moreover, the vessels will have 26 crewmembers each, performing different duties on board, ranging from control to cooking and cleaning activities.

The Alianca Shipyard is able to build the said vessels with quality, insofar as it has already completed the construction of other similar hulls – also with BNDES/FMM financing, as well as having other similar vessels under construction.

CBO and Alianca Shipyard are part of the same Business Group, which is a strategy used in the current warm-up of offshore supply vessels market. The Fisher Group, which controls both companies, is strongly active in the agribusiness sector and in shipping activities as well.