Clough AMEC Snags Service Contract for Bayu Undan Offshore Facilities

AMEC has announced that the Australian-based Clough AMEC, has been awarded a contract by ConocoPhillips (03-12) Pty Ltd, as operator of the Bayu-Undan joint venture, to provide operations and maintenance services to the Bayu Undan facilities, located offshore in the Timor Sea in the area of joint development between Australia and Timor Leste.

This is the second multi-million dollar contract announced by Clough AMEC in the last few weeks, the other being a three-year contract for engineering services for oil production facilities at Barrow Island and Thevenard Island, offshore Western Australia.

Clough AMEC has provided operations and maintenance services to the Bayu Undan facilities since July 2004. The new three year contract, which begins immediately, has an estimated value of AU$84million (approx £36 million) with two options to extend a further two years each, totaling a possible seven year contract.

The facilities consist of a floating storage and offloading facility and three fixed platforms, a remote wellhead platform, a compression, utilities and quarters platform, which is bridge-linked to a drilling, production and processing platform.

The services to be provided include implementation engineering, work package preparation, planning, hazard assessment, coordination, offshore field services and implementation. In addition, training and capability development in Timor Leste which is an important part of the contract and will build on the good work Clough AMEC have already undertaken in the region.