NPD Grants Revus Drilling Permit in PL 37 D

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has granted Revus Energy ASA a drilling permit for wellbore 33/9-21 S, ref. Section 8 of the Resource Management Regulations.

The drilling program for wellbore 33/9-21 S relates to drilling of an appraisal well in production license 37 D. The well will be drilled from the Murchison facility on the British Shelf. Revus is the sole licensee. The well will be drilled on the 33/9-6 Delta discovery, which was made in 1976.

The area of this production license consists of a small part of block 33/9, between the Murchison and Statfjord Nord fields. The area was carved out of production license 37 in June 2004. In 2006, appraisal well 33/9-20 was drilled on the 33/9-6 Delta discovery. This well, also drilled from the Murchison facility, was dry.

The permit is conditional upon the operator securing all other permits and consents required by other authorities before the drilling activity commences.