StatoilHydro Taps AGR for Inspection Services at Offshore Installations

StatoilHydro has exercised options in three current framework agreements with AGR Field Operations. The contracts have an estimated total value of NOK 212 million, each with duration of 24 months.

AGR Field Operations will provide inspection services to the Troll-Sleipner field and inspection management services to the previous Hydro installations including Sture. The maintenance management services agreement encompasses all of StatoilHydro's offshore installations and onshore plants in Norway, and includes use of the SOLV concept.

In total these agreements include inspection services on 19 StatoilHydro onshore- and offshore installations, as well as maintenance management services to 45 onshore- and offshore installations.

Age Landro, Executive Vice President of AGR Field Operations, commented, "The extension of these contracts is important for our business, and it confirms that our products and services are unique and of high quality. It also verifies that the people we are providing have the skills that are needed in this market. AGR has the ability to provide valuable and innovative solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry and this contract extension is an excellent indicator of this."

AGR Field Operations has more than 290 employees providing inspection- and maintenance management services. The company has become a leading provider of integrity engineering services and innovative technologies to the Oil &Gas industry.

"We enjoy working with partners to create solutions above and beyond conventional services. We look forward to work closely together with StatoilHydro," said Age Landro.