FX Energy Suspends Sroda-6 Pending Further Geophysical Work

FX Energy reported that preliminary geophysical work has been conducted at the Sroda-6 well. The result of
this initial work indicates that the optimum updip location may be out of reach for a well deviated from the original wellbore. Therefore, the well has been suspended pending the completion of additional geophysical work.

The geophysical data from this well, along with existing 3D seismic data, show a closed structure slightly to the northwest of the Sroda-6 well location. A pre-stack depth migration study, which is already underway, is being carried out at both Sroda-6 and regionally to determine the highest point on the Sroda-6 structure, and to better define drillsite locations in surrounding structures. Following this additional work, scheduled to be completed in early 2009, a further drilling decision will be made on Sroda-6 and other locations.

Kromolice-2 Update

FX Energy also reported that the Kromolice-2 is well currently drilling at a depth of approximately 2,400 meters.