Brazil's Platform P-51 Gears Up for Marlim Sul Field Operations


Platform P-51 has left the BrasFELS shipyard dock, in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, and set sail towards the Ilha Grande Bay, where it will be submitted to final testing and adjustments before kicking-off operations in the Marlim Sul field, in the Campos Basin.

After the testing period, which is expected to last about 15 days, the P-51 will be anchored in the Marlim Sul field, at a depth of 1255 meters and 150 km off the coast. The platform will be interconnected to 19 wells (10 oil and gas producers and 9 water injectors) and will start producing in January.

Entirely built in Brazil, the P-51 marks the history of the Brazilian naval industry with upwards of 75% national content. The platform's construction work was a pioneer in many aspects, particularly the production of the first Brazilian semisubmersible hull and the deck mating operation (process of joining the upper portion of the platform to the hull), one that has been carried out but a few times in the world. This operation was completed in a mere 24 hours, and confirmed the qualifications of the Brazilian naval engineering.

With investments of approximately $1 billion, and generating more than 4,000 direct and 12,000 indirect jobs, the P-51 was built and integrated by the FSTP consortium (Keppel Fells and Technip) in the cities of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Itaguai, and Angra dos Reis. Nuovo Pignone, also contracted by Petrobras, built the compression modules, in Rio de Janeiro, while Rolls Royce the generation modules, in Niteroi.