Paradigm Unveils New Subsurface Modeling Solution

Paradigm has previewed its SKUA Prospect Architecture, a new module available with Paradigm SKUA 2009. This module of the SKUA product line is designed to help geophysicists and geologists generate higher quality prospect maps. The announcement was made at the 78th Annual Meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) in Las Vegas.

SKUA Prospect Architecture helps enforce structural and stratigraphic integrity using SKUA powerful UVT Transform and enables 3D seismic chrono-stratigraphic interpretation. Using this new module, the earth model and the interpretation are quality-controlled and edited simultaneously while synchronously creating a water-tight structural model ready for velocity modeling and time/depth conversion and a geological model ready for reservoir modeling.

SKUA 2009 Suite will connect to a leading interpretation solution, Paradigm SeisEarth, via the new Epos framework currently in development. Independently, SKUA 2009 and SeisEarth offer unique capabilities in structural modeling and seismic interpretation, respectively. In combination, they are expected to provide exceptional value to the interpreter and company in improving prospect definitions.

"Paradigm is aggressively developing solutions on the new, next-generation SKUA environment," said Jean-Claude Dulac, executive vice president and chief architect at Paradigm. "SKUA 2009 will fill the gap between interpretation and reservoir modeling. It reduces to zero the time-consuming iterations between interpretation and modeling, while continually improving interpretation quality."

In June 2008, Paradigm released the first SKUA workflow solution that enables reservoir modelers and engineers to construct accurate 3D reservoir models and better predict reservoir locations and properties