CapRock to Provide Offshore Communications for Deep Marine's Vessels

CapRock has announced a multi-year agreement with Deep Marine Technology, Inc. to deliver Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) communications onboard two additional multi-service vessels (MSV). With this contract expansion, three of Deep Marine Technology's MSVs and a saturation diving vessel now are equipped with a CapRock VSAT communication solution.

Houston-based Deep Marine Technology, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive subsea services to the oil and gas industry, performs a variety of critical offshore activities, including deepwater construction, commercial diving and intervention systems. CapRock's turnkey solution, which includes onboard equipment, satellite service and 24/7 support, will ensure reliable communications with onshore offices as well as between the vessels.

In addition to currently providing VSAT services to Deep Marine Technology's saturation diving vessel located in the Gulf of Mexico and its MSV located off the coast of India, CapRock adds two new MSVs, both located in the Gulf of Mexico, to Deep Marine Technology's existing VSAT contract, providing the new vessels with broadband Internet service as well as CapRock's remote video streaming solution. By having access to broadband Internet onboard all four vessels, Deep Marine Technology's personnel are able to transmit a variety of reports back to headquarters and amongst each other as often as needed.

"With CapRock's remote video streaming service, we are able to show our customers firsthand what a situation looks like as we perform challenging subsea tasks, such as a repair to a platform or an installation of a riser," said Deep Marine Technology, Inc. ROV Operations Manager Rick Seabrook. "Whether the customer is onboard our vessel, sitting at a desk back at the office or conducting business on the road, the customer has the flexibility to view, in real-time, what's happening underwater from a desktop or notebook, allowing all parties to collaborate on any critical issues that may arise, thereby accelerating resolutions."

Under the terms of the expanded agreement, CapRock will deploy its 'premium' remote video streaming package that provides the newly added MSVs with a visual link into critical subsea operations. This value-added service application is designed to support monitoring and inspection of activities such as maintenance and repair, installations and general cleanup.

"CapRock prides itself in delivering a variety of services designed to increase the productivity of our clients’ remote operations,” said Ron Wagnon, CapRock VP and general manager, North America. “We are pleased to see that Deep Marine Technology, as well as its customers, are seeing the tangible benefits of our onboard VSAT services, and we look forward to continuing our successful relationship."