UPI Teams Up with Information Builders to Improve Upstream Services

Upstream Professionals Inc., (UPI) a consulting company that implements a special Well Lifecycle Efficiency Framework and Methodology with oil and gas operators to optimize operations productivity, has announced a strategic alliance with Information Builders, the independent leader in business intelligence (BI) systems.

"UPI's vast experience in upstream oil and gas, coupled with the rich reporting and visualization capabilities of WebFOCUS, will transform data, workflows, processes, and integration information into useable knowledge environments that foster operational efficiencies from pre-drill to production," said Gerald Cohen, CEO and founder of Information Builders.

According to Jeff Dyk, Upstream Professionals President, "Our alliance with Information Builders gives us the tools to discover significant cost savings and revenue enhancement opportunities within our clients Well Lifecycle operations environment. The ability to quickly understand and manage their oil field assets and increase productivity and control costs will result through the proper use of the Information Builders platform. Real performance gains can be realized and measured by applying Business Intelligence to Business Performance for valuable insight into upstream operations."

To ensure efficient oil and gas upstream operations, there are many metrics that need to be monitored; several of which are used as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). UPI has developed a comprehensive set of data sub-models within its "Production Optimization Model" that define the relationships and data sources required to tailor meaningful KPI-driven Dashboards for a client that are critical to running their business and consistent with their existing business processes.

The Upstream Professionals Management Team believes a major industry initiative is going to be in systems and services that streamline operational resources and capabilities to provide immediate, accurate, integrated information for informed decision-making and continuous monitoring and analytics of oil field assets key performance indicators.

"This is the next step for oil and gas companies to enhance their workforce and streamline opportunities in a competitive environment," says Jeff Dyk. "Upstream Professionals believes accounting systems are good for keeping score, but optimizing operational efficiencies puts points on the Scoreboard. It is our belief that this new enablement with IBI will increase operations productivity, control costs and increase revenues."

"New enabling capabilities include":

  • Workflow is applied to the client’s Well Lifecycle processes for meaningful information flow each step in the process for better decision-making, analysis, and to trigger events and alerts
  • Integrated Data Platform from multiple, disparate sources across the organization
  • KPI-driven Dashboards to monitor oil field Assets’ business processes and information flow for changes in performance and quickly drill down to problem areas
  • Analytics for visualizing high-impact trends and patterns in operations
  • Performance Achievement based on goals and objectives
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities lets users easily retrieve what they want in the format they need and includes query and analysis, and extensive output such as graphing and charting, excel, pivot table, XML, PDF and more
  • Leverage Accounting Data for Financial insight into daily operations
  • Immediate, Accurate net/gross production revenues
  • Anticipate rather than react in managing risks and exploiting opportunities
  • New analytical querying perspectives about the Oilfield Asset will expose financial and operational trends and patterns that lead to better efficiencies and profits.
  • Embed key performance metrics throughout the organization, cost controls, manage budgets and improve productivity and revenues