ProAnalysis Secures Oil in Water Monitor for Umuroa FPSO

Prosafe has placed an order with ProAnalysis AS for a two-point Argus Oil in Water monitor to be installed at the Umuroa FPSO operating outside New Zealand. The order has been placed by Prosafe Production Pte Ltd in Singapore, and represents ProAnalysis’ first order from the South-East Asian market.

The two-point Argus Oil in Water monitor comprises two in-line measurement probes connected to one control unit, where one measurement probe operates at atmospheric pressure and one at higher operating pressures.

"We are very proud to introduce our Argus Oil in Water monitors to the Asian market," says Gunnar Alfheim, Managing Director of ProAnalysis. "Our in-line probe design with ultrasound self-cleaning is our major advantage, and is also the main reason why Prosafe have opted for the Argus technology. The two-point solution provides excellent value for money, and we are confident that we will meet Prosafe's demands."

Argus is a technology for on-line Oil in Water monitoring developed by ProAnalysis, for application in water treatment process monitoring and discharge monitoring in the oil & gas industry. The technology is built on UV fluorescence -- a robust and stable measurement principle. In addition, the unique in-line probe design with ultrasound-based self-cleaning facilitates low maintenance and minimum life-cycle costs.