Woodside Spuds Nickol-1 Offshore Australia

Woodside reports that the Nickol-1 exploration well located in the Carnarvon Basin was spudded on June 7, 2003. Since operations began, the 16-inch hole section was drilled and cased and the blow out preventors were run. On June 10, 2003 the operation was drilling ahead in 8-1/2 inch hole at 1,355 meters.

The Nickol-1 is being drilled by the Ensco 56 jackup. The location is approximately 5.5 kilometers east of the Sage-1 oil discovery well and 32.5 kilometers southwest of the Legendre oil field. Water depth at the location is 65 meters, and planned total depth of the well is approximately 2,830 meters. Woodside is the operator of the WA-1-P joint venture.