Enventure Achieves Expandable Technology Milestone

Enventure Global Technology announced a significant industry development – the successful completion of the first commercial well using its SET® expandable system that eliminated cementing and underreaming operations. This milestone adds to the already 21-day, $1 million per well savings established by incorporating expandable openhole liners in a well slimming program.

The key for success in the high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) gas well in Robertson County near Franklin, Texas, was the use of a 6 x 7-5/8 inch SET® system and swellable elastomer technology. This specially designed system utilized the swellables to provide zonal isolation of the ~1,000 foot drilling liner.

Although underreaming or hole enlargement is usually a requirement when running expandable systems, this liner did not require a cement job, therefore the hole size required could be minimized. The operator estimates an additional four to six days of rig time were saved by not having to complete the underreaming process.

The operator's lead engineer said the long-standing application of SET® expandable technology has provided exponential savings over the last four years and 44 wells. Enventure's innovative application and expandable expertise has further enhanced the well design, improving efficiency in well construction.

Enventure began incorporating 6 x 7-5/8 inch openhole expandable systems in 2004 to enable the operator to achieve a slimmer well profile while maximzing hole size at total depth in deep land gas wells.

"Enventure has always been on the cutting edge of expandable technology application and we are proud to be involved in helping operators lower their carbon footprint during drilling operations, get assets online faster, and maximize their production," Chan Daigle, Enventure's North America sales manager said. "We will continue to look at new advancements and applications of expandable technology to help operators utilize them for more environmentally friendly and efficient drilling and production programs."