North Sea Franklin Field Shut-in

Total's Franklin oil and gas field in the North Sea has been shutdown since Saturday due to problems with a well, but is expected to resume production on Wednesday. The combined output from the adjoining Elgin and Franklin fields was down 20 percent due to the closure of Franklin. The fields were closed at the beginning of last month for planned maintenance and remained closed a few days long than scheduled due to a seal failure in a compressor.

The Elgin and Franklin fields produce an average 14.1 million standard cubic meters of gas per day and 145,000 barrels of condensate.

The Elgin/Franklin fields are located in the Central UK sector of the North Sea, approximately 240 kilometers east of Aberdeen and in approximately 93 meters of water. Elgin is located in blocks 22/30b, 22/30c and 29/5b. Franklin is located approximately 5.5km southeast of Elgin and lies within block 29/5b.