ION, Fugro Shake Hands to Advance Marine Seismic Acquisition

ION Geophysical Corporation has signed a multi-year, multi-vessel agreement covering marine acquisition technology with Norway-based Fugro-Geoteam AS (Fugro), a leading seismic service provider. The agreement signifies a long-term commitment from both parties to continue developing and improving steerable streamer technology using ION's next generation Orca(R) command & control system and DigiFIN lateral streamer control and outlines the terms under which Fugro will further develop these technologies on its high end, 3D streamer-vessel fleet.

An early adopter, Fugro has already installed these technologies on the majority of its high end 3D fleet. The next phase of collaboration between ION and Fugro is intended to ensure that marine acquisition technologies
will meet the increasingly complex survey requirements of the future.

"Fugro is committed to providing a technical edge to our oil & gas company customers and it is important that we have advanced technologies to help improve image quality and reduce HSE exposure, while increasing productivity. As 3D streamer acquisition programs become increasingly complex, we are pleased to be further integrating Orca and DigiFIN into our marine operations," commented Dag Sigurd Stensholt, Vice President Operations of Fugro-Geoteam. "Fugro and our customers have realized the advanced imaging and productivity benefits that Orca and DigiFIN have provided in multiple commercial 3D acquisition surveys."

ION is leading the charge toward a new era of marine streamer acquisition with Intelligent Acquisition(TM) [IA]. The portfolio of [IA] technologies is designed to work together as a single intelligent system to improve operational productivity and seismic image quality. [IA] is intended to adjust to the dynamic marine environment by aligning streamer sub-systems to the unique objectives of each survey and deliver better seismic images acquired more efficiently, while complying with the most stringent HSE requirements.

Dave Moffat, Senior Vice President of Marine Imaging Systems at ION stated, "ION is focused on delivering advanced technology that improves the quality, productivity, and safety of towed streamer operations in the most
complex offshore environments. By integrating traditionally stand-alone navigation, positioning, acquisition, and source systems, the result of [IA] is better seismic images acquired more efficiently. We thank Fugro for their continued input in the development of our next generation streamer technologies."

Orca command & control is at the heart of the [IA] approach to simplify and automate complex towed streamer operations. Orca software combines marine technology with advanced prediction capabilities for unprecedented survey-wide control and, when integrated with other [IA] systems, enables service providers to improve seismic data quality and operational efficiency while reducing safety concerns.

DigiFIN, when closely integrated with Orca, controls lateral cable positioning in a dynamic marine environment. As an early adopter of DigiFIN, Fugro began deploying DigiFIN systems on all high-end 3D vessels in its modern seismic fleet earlier this year. DigiFIN enables tighter, more uniform streamer separation for repeatable, finely sampled seismic data and minimal infill.