WesternGeco Launches New UniQ Land Seismic System

Schlumberger has announced the launch of the WesternGeco UniQ integrated point-receiver land acquisition and processing system. Pronounced unique, the new seismic system combines extreme channel count point-receiver technology with support for advanced simultaneous source techniques.

Building upon the fidelity provided by the broad bandwidth Geophone Accelerometer (GAC) sensor, UniQ can support up to 150,000 live channels at a two millisecond sample interval. With the seismic system's continuous recording capabilities and support for simultaneous source techniques, UniQ can be used for dense reservoir characterization projects, as well as for sparse fast-moving exploration surveys. UniQ will also provide significant advantages in challenging noise environments and in areas with complex geologies.

"UniQ means, for the first time, no-compromise reservoir quality seismic at exploration scale. It means ultra-fast productivity for exploration surveys. UniQ is a system designed to deliver full azimuth surveys with point receiver fidelity, that records continuously so it is compatible with all the high productivity vibrator techniques that are becoming standard," said Dalton Boutte, president, WesternGeco.

UniQ can address land seismic challenges in a multitude of environments ranging from desert to the arctic. The field planning software, source and recording control systems and camp data-processing facilities are all designed to work in an integrated manner, to enable efficient equipment layout and optimized data handling while ultimately reducing the time from shot to processed deliverable.

Field tested in the desert and the Arctic, UniQ is designed to work with latest WesternGeco source technology including Maximum Displacement Sweep (MD Sweep) and the DX-80 vibrator.

The WesternGeco suite of advanced geophysical services includes electromagnetic services and Q-Technology single-sensor high-fidelity seismic acquisition-to-inversion platform.