SMT Unveils New Kingdom 8.3 Software

SMT, the leader for Windows-based geoscientific interpretation software, has announced the release of KINGDOM 8.3. The new release continues to deliver advanced geoscience, formerly only available to specialists, to the generalist interpreter. The key new capabilities – AVO Conditioning, Forward Modeling and Neural Network-based Log Replacement – are designed to help upstream exploration and production companies discover unconventional sources more quickly, explore new fields more cost effectively, and maximize ongoing production.

Commenting on the announcement, Stan Abele, Vice President of Product Management at SMT, said, "Uncertain global market conditions means companies are looking to maximize their budgets. KINGDOM 8.3 helps organizations dramatically reduce costs by reducing their need to rely on expensive, specialized tools and 3rd party processors. In addition, providing generalists access to advanced science means simpler, faster interpretation workflows."

The new AVO Conditioning capability optimizes extraction from unconventional sources by helping geoscientists reduce noise from their pre-stack data – without requiring 3rd party tools. Forward Geologic Modeling lowers risk when exploring new fields by helping interpreters conduct "What-If" analysis by incorporating lithologic and fluid composition assumptions to existing data. Finally, the patent-pending Neural Network-based Log Replacement technology helps maximize declining well production by better identifying areas of pay, even where records have been lost over time, through the automated generation of missing log curves.

Customer and early evaluator Martin Gowers of Zapteam APS in Denmark commented, "I consider myself a critical customer, and I am really impressed by the new direction chosen by SMT. The focus on improving performance is particularly successful and calculator operations have improved dramatically in speed, saving me a whole lot of time. Data loading and crossline displays are also much faster. New routines for AVO modeling are a great improvement for pre-stack work. There is a whole new dynamic feeling to the development, with rapid hotfixes introduced at regular intervals so that, despite the complexity and wide footprint of the program, it continues to work together as an integrated and invaluable tool. Keep up the good work."

"In a global survey by Welling & Co, KINGDOM was recently rated by geoscientists as the interpretation software they recommend most. We believe the positive reception from customers like Zapteam will help us maintain that ranking as well as our number one rating in functionality, ease of use, and price competitiveness," said Indy Chakrabarti, Director of Marketing at SMT.

SMT will demonstrate KINGDOM 8.3 this week at the 78th SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists) Annual Meeting and Convention in Las Vegas where some 10,000+ geoscientists and industry leaders are expected to attend. The software will be commercially available in December 2008.