ffA Releases New SEA 3D Pro 2008 Seismic Software

The release of SEA 3D Pro 2008 brings the power of ffA's market leading Windows application, SVI Pro, to the Linux workstation and works seamlessly with GeoProbe, Halliburton's 3D interpretation software. SEA 3D Pro 2008 addresses three key considerations in ffA's software development strategy: provision of cross platform support, improving workflow efficiency and integration.

SEA 3D Pro 2008 contains an extensive range of volume processing technology and interactive tools for objectively and accurately highlighting and delineating geological features in 3D. The interactive link with GeoProbe, Halliburton's 3D interpretation software, facilitates seamless volume interpretation workflows using ffA’s best in class 3D seismic analysis technology.

Jonathan Henderson, ffA's Managing Director said, "The release of SEA 3D Pro 2008 is another important step for ffA. It means that ffA has equally strong solutions for geoscientists working on both Windows and Linux platforms. The GeoProbe connection is part of ffA’s continuing commitment to making life easier for our users. The next year will be a very exciting one for ffA and its customers as a lot of innovative, powerful new tools will come to the market. The release of SEA 3D Pro gives us a much broader platform on which to deploy these new tools."