CGGVeritas' GOM Library Contains over 10,350 OCS Blocks of 3D Data

CGGVeritas continues to offer the most recent and technologically advanced data library in the most prolific deepwater areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

Since the early 1970s, CGGVeritas has been a dedicated pioneer in the data library business in the Gulf of Mexico. Right through to the current time and with a view to the future, CGGVeritas has been continually collecting, processing and reprocessing data and has delivered with creativity and innovation.

Currently CGGVeritas has over 10,350 OCS blocks (over 241,000 sq km) of conventional 3D data covering the Gulf of Mexico and this figure is growing daily. Of this, 4,700 blocks are covered with state-of-the-art PSDM processing. New wide-azimuth (WAZ) data is rapidly adding a new dimension to this total. Over 1,140 OCS blocks have been acquired to date and another 1,000 blocks are in the planning stages.

CGGVeritas completed its first multi-client library wide-azimuth 3D survey in March 2008. The Walker Ridge WAZ survey covers 474 blocks of southern Green Canyon and central Walker Ridge. It was designed to image the highly prolific subsalt Eocene trend that is present throughout the survey area.

The highly visible Jack discovery and other discoveries such as Julia, Bigfoot, and Tahiti are located within the survey. The state-of-the-art processing will be complete by the end of the year and final products will be delivered well in advance of the upcoming MMS OCS lease sale number 208, scheduled for March 2009.

The Garden Banks WAZ survey is on schedule for the acquisition to be completed early in 2009. This second in a series of multi-client WAZ surveys covers over 670 OCS blocks, encompassing over half of the Garden Banks protraction area as well as the northern section of Keathley Canyon. Final deliverables for this survey are on track for June 2010. Pre-commitment funders of the survey will benefit from the derivative products that are delivered throughout the processing stages.

The M/V Viking has just completed the 244-block East Breaks 3D program. This program adds to the 1,140 plus-block Alaminos Canyon survey located to the south to provide a continuous 1,384-block of modern 3D data covering a vast swath of the Western Gulf of Mexico. This new survey will have three high-end products delivered when it is completed. The first product delivered will be a full PSDM Kirchhoff Migration followed by a full PSDM Wave Equation Migration (WEM) and then a full PSDM Reverse Time Migration (RTM). This flexibility of final deliverables is why the industry continues to turn to CGGVeritas for their data and imaging needs.

CGGVeritas has also been successful in the Gulf of Mexico through an Alliance formed with Seitel two years ago. The Veritel alliance with Seitel was created to take advantage of Seitel's Gulf of Mexico data and CGGVeritas' outstanding imaging technology. To date, the alliance has delivered over 750 blocks of new Prestack Depth data that are now available to the industry.

Another area CGGVeritas is looking at improving through its technology is the vast 2D dataset that they co-own with Seitel in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. Plans are currently underway to reprocess select areas of this 46,000-km 2D dataset.

The Gulf of Mexico has been a region of many surprises. At CGGVeritas we will continue the quest to illuminate these discoveries through new innovations and technologies that are designed to reveal even more secrets from its depths.