First Permanent Seismic Cables Installed at Valhall Field

The Valhall field in the Norwegian North Sea will have its seabed covered by 120 kilometers of seismic cables and umbilical to continuously monitor it's reservoir behavior. The installation of Life of Field Seismic (LoFS) will secure delivery of base reserves and increase recovery and production. In addition it will deliver fewer dry holes and facilitate real time reservoir management involving use of fiber optic cable to multi disciplinary teams onshore.

The NOK 350 million project which was approved last year is now in the execute stage and progressing on plan. Site integration test has been performed on all equipment including 120 km seismic cables and more than 10,000 geophones and hydrophones. All contracts have been awarded, the most recent contract went to PGS for processing of data.

"There are a lot of firsts to be tested out in a project like the LoFS, to name but a few, permanent installation, commercial implementation, and handling massive amounts of data in a short time. I am convinced the project will improve resource utilization through faster, safer and more accurate data. It will also reveal abnormal conditions earlier and make it possible for us to "see" through the Valhall gas cap due to shear waves, all vital to enhance value from Valhall," says Rob Anderson, Projects & Technology Performance Leader of BP Norge. He is also very pleased with the effective cooperation in the Valhall license and contractors alignment.

Seven terabytes of data will be transferred to shore via fiber optic cable. The volume of information is close to the largest library in the world (The library of Congress), with more than 120 million items on approximately 530 miles of bookshelves.

Subsea 7 will do the laying of the seismic cables and the operation which starts this week is expected to last about 7 weeks. The cables will be trenched in to the seabed, as will all other sub sea equipment. The first full data acquisition is scheduled in late August 2003. Over the following 18 months six surveys will be performed.

BP selected Valhall to be the most cost effective field in BP's global portfolio for application of LoFS. The full potential of the technology is not yet known, but for Valhall LoFs is expected to increase production by 60 mmbbls.

The Valhall partners are: BP Norge AS (operator) 28.33%. Amerada Hess 28.33%, Norske Shell AS 28,33%, Total E & Production Norge AS 15.01%.