Baker Hughes INTEQ Unveils New aXcelerate High-Speed Telemetry Service

Baker Hughes INTEQ has introduced its new aXcelerate High-Speed Telemetry service, offering high-speed mud-pulse and wired-pipe data transmission for logging while drilling (LWD) and measurement while drilling (MWD) applications.

"We believe that our aXcelerate service will be a game-changer in the way operators drill their wells," said INTEQ President Paul Butero. "As part of our Answers While Drilling suite of advanced drilling and formation evaluation technologies and services, the aXcelerate service enables real-time transmission of high-speed, high-resolution data from all of INTEQ's downhole services. Clients gain a more comprehensive understanding of the downhole environment and are then able to optimize their drilling programs and take remedial actions when it matters the most: while drilling."

The aXcelerate service provides the fastest mud-pulse telemetry available today, with data rates of twenty bits per second having already been consistently achieved. This data rate is more than 500% faster than the three bits per second industry standard.

The aXcelerate service also enables wired-pipe telemetry connectivity in conjunction with The IntelliServ Network. INTEQ has provided downhole services in the majority of all wired-pipe work that has been done to date and has worked closely with The IntelliServ Network, the leaders in wired-pipe technology, to pioneer novel, real-time applications that take full advantage of the large bandwidths available.

The aXcelerate service is already being used successfully by many major operators around the world in areas, including the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, offshore Brazil, and the Middle East. With the cost of drilling operations steadily increasing and margins for error decreasing, more operators are shifting their focus to the value of a much clearer downhole picture that is enabled by the aXcelerate service.

INTEQ, a division of Baker Hughes, is a provider of advanced while drilling technologies and services, including directional drilling, measurement while drilling (MWD), logging while drilling (LWD), and wellsite information management services.