Petrobras Reports Oil Spilled Off the Coast of Sao Paulo

Petrobras reports that oil has spilled from a tanker on the Sao Paulo coast during unloading operation of the ship Nordic Marita, in Almirante Barroso Terminal, in São Sebastião. Preliminary estimates say approximately 15,000 liters of oil was spilled. This assessment was made jointly by the environmental agencies, Cetesb and Ibama. Transpetro and Petrobras have put contingency teams in place at the site.

Petrobras has invested approximately $1.3 billion since 2000 to put measures in place to try to reduce spills. Despite the company's efforts to reduce accidents, this was the second accident in as many weeks. Last month the company reported a 7,000 liter spill in the northeastern state of Ceara.