Wartsila to Supply Propulsion Equipment for 5 Offshore Vessels

Wartsila has signed major contracts with Aker Yards AS Soviknes and Aker Yards AS Trading - the recently established project development arms of the Aker Yards Group - for the supply of propulsion equipment for five offshore vessel projects being built in Norway, India and Brazil. The orders cover the supply of a total of 15 Wartsila engines, as well as power generation, automation, and other ancillary equipment.

First Marine Application for Wartsila 34DF Engine

For the Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) being built at the Aker Yards facility in Soviknes, Norway, Wartsila will supply three 6-cylinder Wartsila 34DF engines. This is the first marine application order for this successful multi-fuel engine that is able to run on either marine diesel oil, heavy fuel oil or natural gas.

In commenting on the series of new orders, Sigurd Viseth, Sales Manager, Wartsila Ship Power, said, "These orders underpin the strong relationship we have enjoyed with Aker Yards Group for many years. Both companies are committed to providing their customers with the most efficient marine solutions, and this is evidenced by Aker's selection of the Wartsila 34DF engine. It is the ideal choice for this particular vessel, and we anticipate that it will become as established in marine applications as it already is in land-based power plants."

Based on the well-proven Wartsila 32 engine, and incorporating the operational experience gained from the Wartsila 32DF dual-fuel engine, the Wartsila 34DF has a 30% higher output than its predecessor. It also incorporates a number of new features including double wall gas piping, built-in lubricating oil system components, and a UNIC engine control system. In all, it represents a more energy efficient propulsion solution for the offshore market.

Orders for five vessels:

One LNG-fuelled Platform Supply Vessel

To Aker Yards AS Soviknes Wartsila will supply three 6-cylinder in-line Wartsila 34DF dual-fuel engines, each rated at 2610kW. These will be installed in a LNG-fuelled Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) being built at the Aker Yards' facility at Soviknes, in Norway.

Wartsila will also supply this vessel with the complete power management system, the main generator sets, frequency converters, propulsion motors, and Low Loss Concept (LLC) transformers. LLC has been developed to negate the need for large transformers and their associated components and utilities in the propulsion line. The concept, which has already been successfully applied in the offshore and passenger ship segments, has been proven to save fuel and installation costs, to reduce the amount of space required for component installation, and to deliver greater redundancy in an electrical propulsion system.

Two Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels

Under a contract from Aker Yards AS Trading, Wartsila will supply equipment for two Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTS) that Brazil's Aker Promar Shipyard will build. Each of the AHTS vessels will be fitted with a hybrid propulsion system consisting of two 7680kW Wartsila 16V32 prime movers, reduction gearboxes with single input/single output, shafting and two controllable pitch propellers.

Wartsila will also provide thrust to the vessels by way of two electrically-driven side thrusters, each with 1200kW output and a single 1500kW retractable azimuth thruster. One 1200kW thruster and a single 1500kW retractable azimuth thruster will be delivered for aft installation

Two Platform Supply Vessels

To Aker Yards AS Trading Wartsila will supply four Wartsila 9L20 diesel-generating sets to each of two Platform Supply Vessels being built at the Cochin Shipyard in India. The ships will be deployed in Asian waters after their delivery to Norwegian ship owner Sigba.

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