Schlumberger Unveils New Well Test Separator

Schlumberger has announced the release of its new CleanPhase well test separator. The innovative three-phase separator system enables optimum retention of fluids, allowing for cleaner phases and better measurements.

"The CleanPhase separator is a rejuvenated approach to phase isolation during the separation process. Phase isolation limits the uncertainty inherent during reservoir characterization and significantly aids in the efficient disposal of the individual phases," said Eugene Francois Kleyn, CleanPhase product champion, Schlumberger. "The new generation well test separator allows flow back activities to be conducted confidently through increasing safety, reducing manual intervention and providing seamless operations."

An operator in North Africa tested 22 wells using the separator, which accurately measured flow rates from wells producing gas, condensate and water.

The separator has SmartWeir technology that uses radar to unobtrusively monitor liquid levels and adjust the weir to accommodate the most challenging well effluents. It also allows online separation for the entire job, from the beginning of cleanup until the end of the well test.

The first reservoir fluids are identified sooner than with traditional methods, allowing the well testing to begin earlier. It allows faster cleanups by flowing the well to a higher-pressure vessel than is possible with conventional setups, which require flowing to a low-pressure surge tank. This eliminates the need for and risk of pressurized storage tanks.

The separator handles high water cut and fluctuating flow rates without slowing down the process, which leads to the efficient isolation and measurement of purer single-phase fluids. The CleanPhase separator provides high-quality and high-capacity phase separation for fast cleanups, better measurements and increased certainty.

It can operate as a stand-alone unit or in combination with the PhaseTester multiphase flowmeter.