Floteck Appoints Neyman Sr. VP, CFO

Flotek announced that Jesse E. "Jempy" Neyman has been appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Neyman has served as Vice President of Business Development for Flotek since December 2006. During this time Neyman has successfully negotiated the acquisitions of Teledrift, Inc., Sooner Energy Services and the remaining fifty percent stake of CAVO Drilling Motors Ltd. Co. In addition, Neyman negotiated a royalty buyout obligation of Total Well Solutions, LLC. Neyman was an integral part of Flotek's success in securing $115 million convertible senior notes to fund the Teledrift acquisition. Neyman has participated actively with investors, analysts and developed relationships with Flotek's commercial and investment bankers.

Before joining Flotek, Neyman held several senior management positions, including CEO of CGAS, Inc., an Ohio E&P company, President of Enron Wind and various other Enron subsidiaries. Neyman possesses extensive knowledge of the energy sector and financial industry having spent over a decade in both.

Neyman holds a Bachelor of Science in international affairs from the United States Air Force Academy, Bachelor of Science equivalent in meteorology from the University of Texas for the United States Air Force, a Master of Science degree from the University of Utah in diffusion theory, and a Masters of Business Administration from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville.

Jerry Dumas, Sr., Chairman of the Board, CEO and President, stated, "Jempy Neyman has been an integral part of Flotek's growth and success over the past two years and shown he is a man of honor and integrity. I have enjoyed immensely working with Jempy and it is my pleasure to welcome him into this expanded role."

Neyman commented, "I am honored by the confidence placed in me by the Board of Directors and management of Flotek to assume this expanded role in our Company. I look forward to our continued successful growth together at Flotek."