TGS-NOPEC Begins Survey Offshore Eastern Canada

TGS-NOPEC Geophysical has received all federal and provincial authorizations necessary to initiate acquisition of its 2003 season multi-client 2D seismic survey campaign located offshore Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Utilizing the Canadian-flagged vessel M/V Odin Explorer, TGS-NOPEC expects to complete field operations on the 2003 program within five to six months.

The 2003 Offshore Canada Program will supplement TGS-NOPEC's seismic coverage over key blocks included in Newfoundland's 2003 Call for Bids and will add approximately 12,000 kilometers to the Company's existing 45,000-kilometer comprehensive grid offshore Nova Scotia. Both survey areas are supported with oil industry pre-funding.

"We're pleased to continue supplying this market with new, high quality seismic data. Eastern Canada remains one of the most promising deepwater exploration arenas in the world," stated Kim Abdallah, Vice President of North & South America New Ventures.

To complement its extensive suite of seismic data products in the area, TGS-NOPEC and its subsidiary A2D Technologies also offer a complete collection of digital well log data from all 431 wells previously drilled in the eastern Canada offshore sector.