Schlumberger to Provide Remote Monitoring for Hocol

Schlumberger Oilfield Services has been selected to provide remote monitoring and control of electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) for Hocol, S.A., Colombia.

This marks the introduction of the new espWatcher(a) service by Schlumberger, enabled by InterACT(a) real-time monitoring and data delivery, which provides reliable and secure remote connectivity and viewing of the Schlumberger Reda ESP variable speed drive controllers. This connectivity service includes remote satellite-based data acquisition, immediate alarm and alert callout notification, as well as remote pump start-up, speed control and resolution of pump problems.

"Implementation of the Schlumberger espWatcher service will enable Hocol to transform its production operation management philosophy by taking advantage of the communication flow and real-time surveillance of our oil and gas operational processes. We will immediately realize the benefits of secure, reliable remote real-time connectivity," said Hubert Borja, operations vice president, Hocol, a company of Nimir Group. "This allows Hocol to maximize business opportunities by efficiently and effectively managing operations in remote fields situated in risky environments."

Hocol, which has been operating in Colombia for 46 years, has many oil and gas operations situated in geographically remote locations. The Schlumberger espWatcher service has already been proven in two field trials operated by Hocol, with Ecopetrol as field partner. These field trials have demonstrated business value to Hocol by reducing the costs associated with field monitoring and management, and by reducing the exposure of operating personnel to remote field risks.

Through these field trials, Schlumberger has demonstrated the ability to extend ESP run life through continuous remote pump monitoring and immediate proactive notifications of deviations of pump behavior away from normal operating conditions.

"One of the real-time monitoring services of Schlumberger, espWatcher is a technology enabler allowing our customers to maximize production by avoiding costly pump replacements and system down time," said Zaki Selim, president, Well Completions and Productivity, Schlumberger Oilfield Services. "This is a significant and very real step forward in what is now referred to as the oilfield of the future -- or digital oilfield."

The first phase of implementation involves connecting approximately 70 remote ESP variable speed drives located in more than 20 geographic locations.