Salyan Oil Begins Production Drilling at Garabagly Field

Salyan Oil has commenced drilling of production wells at the Garabagly field in Azerbaijan. The company said that Great Wall Drilling of China would be drilling 18 production wells.

The wells are being drilled in the northern and central zones of the Garabagly field, each to a depth of 3,500-4,000 meters. Each well is expected to yield 40-45 tons of oil a day.

SOL is currently producing 980 tons per day at Garabagly and another site, Kursengi. The contract to develop the Kursengi and Garabagly fields, which are in the Salyan district, 150 km south of Baku, was signed on December 15, 1998. Salyan Oil was established on May 12, 1999. SOCAR owns 50% and CNODC and CNPC each own 25%.