Discover Petroleum, Norut Launch Joint Research Project

Discover Petroleum announced that a joint research program has been launched in collaboration with Northern Research Institute (Norut). The aim of the research program is to develop novel and improved physically based models for the analysis of electromagnetic (EM) sounding data.

Norut is a national research group located in northern Norway. Norut has extensive competence and experience within active and passive methods for electromagnetic remote sensing.

"By bringing some of Norut's EM competence and expertise into our own research program, we ensure that our product portfolio holds the highest possible standard," said Dr. Alfred Hanssen, Director of Technology and Research at Discover Petroleum. "It is very pleasing that we can find research competence at this high level locally, and we are very happy that our activity can fund research in companies in northern Norway," continued Dr. Hanssen.

The research program is of three years duration, and is jointly funded by Innovation Norway and Discover Petroleum. At Norut, the joint project funds three man-years per year throughout the duration of the project.

"Norut is very happy for the possibility to participate in a research project of this magnitude and quality, in close collaboration with Discover Petroleum. The project is very advanced, it is interesting and challenging, and it gives us an opportunity to interact with local oil industry. The combined competence of Norut and Discover Petroleum is bound to make a difference," said Dr. Kjell Arild Hogda, Research Director of the remote sensing division at Norut.

The project started formally in June 2008, and will end in May 2011.

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