Meridian Updates on US Production, 7% Upgrade in Proven Reserves

Meridian Petroleum plc

Meridian Petroleum has issued an update on its US production in Michigan and Louisiana and a 7% upgrade in its proven reserves in the East Lake Verret Field.

Orion 36 Well, Michigan, USA

The Orion 36 well continued its strong performance in September although, as expected, production rates were marginally lower than the record levels seen in August. The average gross daily gas production rate (excluding downtime) was 5.4mmcfd and the well produced 155mmcf of gas. Production of natural gas liquids (NGL's) during the month was 1,456 bbls.

Net production to Meridian in September (based on a Net Revenue Interest of 54.589%) was 84.5mmcf of gas and 795 bbls of NGL's. This equates to 14,878 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) at a daily production rate of 496 boepd.

At the end of September typical flowing well-head pressure was in the range of 475-500 psi.

US gas prices averaged $8.16 per mcf for gas produced. The Company's gas hedging contracts produced a profit of $97,000 in September.

Gross gas production so far in October has averaged around 5 mmcfd.

East Lake Verret Field (ELV), Louisiana, USA

Following Hurricane 'Gustav' the ELV Field came back on-stream on September 4 and continued to deliver a steady performance throughout the month. Gross gas production was 148mmcf and gross oil production was 6,038 bbls. Meridian's net share of production in September was 29.1mmcf of gas and 1,213 bbls of oil, equivalent to 6,063 boe at an average daily rate of 202 boepd. Meridian's net production in August was better then previously reported at 31.9mmcf of gas and 1,642 bbls of oil, equivalent to 224 boepd.

Meridian's net production so far in October has averaged 1.1 mmcfd of gas and 51 bbls/day for oil.

The Company has now received an updated review of ELV reserves from D-O-R Engineering. This review has added further proven reserves of some 50,000 boe, a 7% increase.

Stephen Gutteridge, Chairman of Meridian, said, "We have started our second year of production from Orion with another strong monthly performance. Combined with the steady contribution from ELV we continue to experience the strong cash flows that are vitally important in the current difficult financial environment. With both financing and valuable hedging contracts in place, we are well positioned to acquire further assets and to pursue our current development plans."