Expandable Technology Leader Boasts Highest Reliability Record for 3Q

Enventure Global Technology

Enventure Global Technology, the provider of SET solid expandable technology, recently reached unprecedented reliability heights by maintaining a perfect reliability record during the 2008 third quarter.

Already focused on maintaining the highest standards in reliability, Enventure's rating jumped from 94.87 percent at the start of July to smashing the Company's record and ending September at 96.19 percent.

QA/QC Manager John Sellers points out that Enventure's dedication to bringing the most reliable solutions to its customers is achieved from a concerted effort on several fronts.

"We have tremendous talent within Enventure, and as a cohesive unit we're heading in the same direction," Sellers said. "As we gain momentum, we continue to see outstanding improvements. Our year-to-date reliability stands at 96.2 percent. This is good, but 100 percent is the goal and we won't be satisfied until we get there."

In 2006, the Company began integration of a more compact launcher, the tool that expands casing downhole. The new tool incorporated several improvements over previous systems including higher temperature ratings and provided better contingency mitigation such as higher pressure ratings.

Installation procedures are also continually being updated as each job undergoes extensive review before and after installation so that potential risks are mitigated and lessons learned are incorporated into future work.

Kristaq Mitrushi, manager of North America operations, explains that this is achieved through formal training and certification for field technicians to ensure a quality solution is delivered in the field. However, he also believes the outstanding reliability record we have is a direct result of teamwork.

"All departments, from the salesperson to the shop hand, are working as a team to meet our customers' needs. Communication is the key and each department is dedicated to improving procedures, processes and training," he said.

As the leading provider in solid expandable solutions for the oil and gas industry for the past decade and the completion of more than 950 job installations worldwide, reliability isn't just a onetime event for Enventure, Sellers adds.

"It's an ongoing, collective effort of efficiency from beginning to end," he said.