Northern Hemisphere Puts 4 Trutch Gas Wells on Production

Northern Hemisphere Development Corp.

Northern Hemisphere currently has four natural gas wells on production from the Halfway Formation in the Trutch area of the Tommy Lakes Field. The Trutch Project is approximately 200 kilometers northwest of Fort St. John in the prolific natural gas producing region of northeast British Columbia, Canada.

The stable production, cash flow and long-life reserves of these Halfway wells gives Northern Hemisphere a strong foundation for many years of low risk, repeatable development drilling locations. This development of the Halfway will provide steady growth and flexibility to explore other stratigraphic zones of potential in Trutch and other new core areas.

Northern Hemisphere is monitoring the application of horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracture completion technology for the development of the thick Halfway tight gas sands. Development using horizontal wells and multi-stage fracture completions provides significant upside potential as more gas production and reserves can be recovered for less capital.

Northern Hemisphere is evaluating its land base to determine the number of potential drilling opportunities that exist in additional stratigraphic zones in the Trutch area, namely:

  • The Charlie Lake Formation has identified natural gas pay intervals that have not been completed for production or booked as reserves, providing the Company with low risk growth opportunities
  • The Doig Formation contains potential channel sand targets and is currently producing within the Tommy Lakes Field
  • The Montney Formation to date has not been tested, however, competitors in the area have identified this zone as a potential resource play target similar to other regions of northeast British Columbia and plan to test the zone in the near future
  • The Debolt Formation is productive in the area where structural traps contain the natural gas
  • The Slave Point Formation provides significant upside potential and continues to be an active target in the area with competitors recently drilling and licensing new Slave Point wells in the vicinity of Northern Hemisphere's land holdings

Northern Hemisphere is currently finalizing its 2008/2009 winter program with its partners and looks forward to another successful drilling season. With the addition of new production and more cash flow, Northern Hemisphere will grow to the next level as a company with a strong foundation and an exciting future.