NPD, AGR to Maximize Norway's Energy Resource Recovery

AGR Group

The NPD has entered into a framework agreement with AGR Petroleum Services to provide geological and technical studies. AGR Petroleum Services will assist the NPD in its work to follow up plans for development and operation of reservoirs.

"With this 3 year frame agreement, AGR Petroleum Services will support the NPD in maximizing Norway's recovery of its energy resources," said Erik Lorange, Managing Director Reservoir Management Division.

"AGR Petroleum Services' personnel will be working closely with the NPD, ensuring operators and other licensees are utilizing measures that maximize hydrocarbon recovery. We anticipate working on a number of projects per year, providing reservoir modelling and simulation assessments.

"AGR Petroleum Services has one of the largest, independent subsurface teams in Norway with a long history of undertaking these integrated projects. We are pleased to have been selected by the NPD for this important and technically challenging work," said Lorange.