Tethys Cites P&A of Copkoy-1, Successful 3D Seismic Onshore Oman

Tethys Oil

Tethys Oil reported that the Copkoy-1 well in the Thrace Basin, northwest Turkey, has been completed. The well, operated by Aladdin Middle East Ltd. with Tethys holding a 25% interest, was drilled to a depth of 1,447 meters (4,750 feet).

Gas shows were recorded at three different depths while drilling, and so the well was tested at all three of these intervals. The deepest potential zone, between 4,372-4,427 feet (1,332-1,349 meters) produced gas to surface and burned with a 2 meter flare. However, the flow quickly subsided and the test was abandoned.

Further tests of the other two shallower zones were less successful and produced no flow of gas to surface.
As a result of these tests, the well has been plugged and abandoned. A thorough post-drilling analysis will be done of all the data from the well in cooperation with the operator Aladdin.

Successful 3D Seismic Acquisition in Oman

The 3D seismic acquisition program over the Jebel Aswad structure on block 15 onshore Oman has been successfully completed and processing has started. The survey was conducted by Chinese contractor BGP Oil and Gas Services. A total of 285 km2 of 3D seismic data has been collected covering the entire hydrocarbon bearing Jebel Aswad structure. The data is of very high quality and should when processed and interpreted offer very valuable information for the development of Jebel Aswad. Processing will be done by specialist firm Hardin International of Dallas, Texas, and is expected to be completed during December.

"The result of the Turkish well is naturally a disappointment albeit, given that project's relative size, a minor one. The successful 3D acquisition in our core area in Oman is of much greater importance. The high quality 3D seismic data will be an excellent addition to the existing 2D coverage and will play an important part in the planning and design of the continued work program on Block 15," commented Tethys' Managing Director Magnus Nordin.