Star Energy to Commence Drilling after Energy Enhancer's Safety Checks

EnCore Oil plc

EnCore Oil has provided the following update following an incident on the Energy Enhancer drilling rig over the weekend.

A small fire broke out early Sunday morning 19th October in the ventilation system on the Energy Enhancer drilling rig. As this resulted in smoke entering the accommodation area of the rig, 34 non-essential personnel were evacuated from the rig to the stand-by vessel and were further transported to shore. 45 essential personnel remain on board.

The fire has been dealt with and now an inspection of the electrical systems on the rig is being carried out to check for damage and to try and establish the cause of the fire.

Alan Booth, Chief Executive Officer, commented, "The safety of the crew is paramount whenever such incidents occur and I am pleased that the appropriate action was taken by the Offshore Installation Manager. The well is currently approximately 10 meters above the reservoir and once essential safety checks are carried out it is anticipated drilling will recommence shortly thereafter."

As part of the commercial arrangements between Star Energy (now a subsidiary of Petronas) and EnCore, Star Energy will bear the entire cost of drilling of this well. EnCore has a 50% interest in the project and Star Energy, the operator, also has a 50% interest.