AlMansoori Launches New Holding Company in Abu Dhabi

AlMansoori Specialized Engineering (MSE) has announced the launch of Almansoori Petroleum Industries, a holding company which will be exclusively focused on promoting opportunities for manufacturing a range of products for the oil and gas industry from a new base in Abu Dhabi.

The company will be based in Abu Dhabi and is employing professional staff for the management, projects & engineering and finance who will be dedicated to assess and evaluate any new opportunities of manufacturing, in a very professional manner. It will form an umbrella business to cater for current joint ventures, licensing agreements and the acquisition of technical knowledge and creating new venture initiatives.

The company aims to attract established manufacturing companies who not only boast demand for their products in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region but also shares MSE's commitment and reputation to deliver products and technology of the highest quality and standards.

A new management headed by Adel Baobaid as the Vice President, AlMansoori Petroleum Industries, is being created to oversee product development and the manufacturing process as well as enhance relations with current and prospective partners. The business is looking to create any technology or equipment for use in the oil and gas industry from its Abu Dhabi base.

AlMansoori Petroleum Industries will be showcasing its capabilities at the largest oil and gas event in the Middle East ADIPEC, which is being staged at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre between the 3rd and 6th November. Its current manufacturing companies, Global Chemicals, Hilong AlMansoori, Specialized Oilfield Products and Micoda will be exhibiting through AlMansoori Petroleum Industries.

Adel Baobaid, Vice President, AlMansoori Petroleum Industries said the company will offer huge benefits for the MENA region. "The energy industry is changing and many companies are looking towards self sufficiency. This company will create that opportunity to manufacture and supply equipment to the region rather than totally depend on international supply. This will not only bring significant economical advantages and exciting career opportunities to the country but it will also help our customers source material at a competitive price with prompt delivery, without compromise to quality and standards, which will give us the competitive edge.

"MSE has more than 30 years experience forming successful joint ventures and facilitating license agreements as well as key acquisitions. The intention is to further increase the share of our business and territorial coverage through strategic joint ventures or licensing arrangements with international partners who will be interested in establishing an arrangement and networking opportunities with MSE and its alliances and offices throughout the MENA region. This will allow the company to expand from being a leading service provider to a fully developed local manufacturing business with innovation, quality and service at the core of its business."