Talisman to Use New UniTong System on Gyda Platform


The Weatherford Company V-Tech has developed and is now supplying a new and more secure power tong able to handle casing, completion and drilling operations -- the UniTong™ System. Weatherford is pleased that Talisman has chosen to purchase the award-winning tool.

UniTong is operated from the rig's drillers cabin and eliminates the need for personnel on the drill floors red zone.

Managing Director Terje Berheim in the Weatherford Company V-Tech in Kristiansand is optimistic now that they are producing and supplying the UniTong™ System to Talisman. Talisman is planning on using UniTong on the Gyda platform.

V-Tech has received both the Woelfel Best Mechanical Award and the Spotlight award at OTC in Houston for its combined iron roughneck and casing tong, UniTong. In April 2007 the company won the Woelfel Best Mechanical Award again, this time for UniSlips which is a new innovative multidimensional slips. Global market V-Tech is the first Norwegian company to win the Woelfel Best Mechanical Award twice.

"Our market is global and UniTong is a tool that contributes to higher safety and efficiency along with cost-savings," said V-Tech's Managing Director Terje Berheim.

V-Tech aims at supplying twelve UniTong™ Systems by the end of 2009.