Odfjell, Akvaplan-Niva to Deliver HSE Improvements in North Sea Exploration

Odfjell Drilling

A cooperation agreement between Odfjell Well Management and Akvaplan-niva could boost environmental safety in connection with oil and gas exploration. The goal is to become the preferred supplier to oil companies that focus on high quality in the environmental management of drilling and well operations.

Odfjell Well Management and Akvaplan-niva have signed an agreement on cooperation in the fields of well technology, the environment and oil spill response. "This agreement will make it possible to improve environmental safety in connection with oil and gas exploration in the far north," said EVP Bjornar Iversen of Odfjell Drilling. "We hope to achieve a leading position in this field within a few years."

Great expertise in managing environmental risk and emergency preparedness is a precondition for safe drilling operations in the far north. The goal of the two companies is to become the preferred partner of oil companies that are planning activities on the Norwegian continental shelf and particularly activities in the far north.

 Director Salve Dahle of Akvaplan-niva puts it like this, "For a company like ours, whose expertise lies in environmental monitoring and environmental control, this close collaboration with a technologically leading drilling company like Odfjell Drilling is very exciting. This agreement is pretty unique and it will provide us with many new opportunities in the years ahead."

The agreement is based on the companies' core expertise. Odfjell Drilling will identify alternatives for the implementation of drilling operations, analyse conditions that can result in loss of well control and propose measures to mitigate the consequences. Akvaplan-niva will carry out environmental studies, assess the environmental impacts and propose the type of oil spill response that is most suited to the circumstances. One of the main goals of the collaboration is to contribute to the oil industry's risk toolbox. This will help to provide a better basis for making the right decisions at the right time.

The collaboration also includes the preparation of emergency response plans and the delivery of operative emergency response functions.

Initially, the agreement will run until January 2011.