Pemex Issues Tender for 1 Deepwater Rig and 4 Jackups


Pemex said that in an effort to maintain oil and gas production and increase reserves, the company plans to boost exploration activity in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Pemex Exploration and Production (PEP) has issued a tender for one deepwater rig rated to work in 4,200' of water with the capability to drill to depths of 25,000'.  The tender is for three years and Pemex would like to start work in June 2009. 
Pemex has also issued a tender for four jackups. One of the jackups will be required to work in water depths of at least 350' and have a minimum drilling capability of 25,000'. The tender for this jackup is for two years beginning in February 2009. 
The other three jackup tenders are for jackups rated to work in water depths of up to 250' and capable of drilling to depths of 20,000'. The work for these three rigs will be in Campeche Sound and contracts will range from one to three years beginning in 2009.
The deadline  for bid submission on all five tenders is December 1, 2008 with contracts expected to be signed by January 8, 2009.