Beach Petroleum Suspends Operations at PeeJay-1

Beach Petroleum

Beach Petroleum reports that the West Triton, which was contracted to drill the PeeJay-1 well, sustained damage during routine preload operations.

The damage is confined to internal bracings on a section of one leg of the rig and occurred during its emplacement on site in shallow 80 meter waters in T/39P offshore Australia. There were no casualties or injuries as a result of the incident and the rig is in no danger.

Beach is currently liaising with West Triton’s supplier and associated contractors as to the likely timing and scope of repairs. Once that advice is forthcoming, Beach expects to be in a position to make determinations about a readjusted drilling schedule. All current work on Peejay-1 has been halted for the interim.

Interests in PeeJay-1 are Beach Petroleum (Exploration) Pty Ltd as operator with 50% and Benaris Petroleum N.V. wtih 50%.