Spira Data's Wireless Field Ticketing Innovator Taps into Well Servicing

Spira Data Corp.

Spira Data Corp. has diversified its wireless field ticketing technology to now serve the well servicing sector. The Company plans to increase its footprint and explore opportunities in this fast growing market.

"Now more than ever, companies within the oil and gas industry have become cost conscious," said Craig Latimer, Vice President of Marketing, Spira Data. "Spira's unique mobile solution can transform the way new and established well servicing companies do business from the field to the office by streamlining the data gathering process and reducing the time from work completed to invoice generation."

Spira Wireless Field Ticketing and Wireless Tour Sheet applications will replace the antiquated manual paper-and-pen process currently being used by the majority of well service companies today. The efficient transfer of accurate data from the field -- including time sheets, revenue, costs and other relevant operational data -- to head office in a clean usable format, can virtually eliminate "dead end data." Spira will significantly reduce the time spent by technical and administrative staff having to re-key data into multiple applications.

"Our easy-to-use Wireless Field Ticketing and Wireless Tour Sheets directly benefit well servicing companies by dramatically improving productivity and reducing the amount of work for field operators and administration staff," added Latimer. "The return on investment in Spira is largely seen in the reduction of costs, and that savings goes straight to our customer’s bottom line."

Spira's Wireless Field Ticketing and Wireless Tour Sheets are field-based solutions that are changing the way businesses capture, record, distribute and process field-generated financial and operational data. Wireless Field Ticketing and Wireless Tour Sheets electronically configure information with a user-friendly system that simplifies business process and field records.