Saipem America Extends Chloe Candies Charter to 2010

Saipem America Inc.

Saipem America Inc. (SAI) has extended the charter agreement with Candies Shipbuilders, LLC for the Chloe Candies vessel from November 2008 thru November 2010.

The Chloe Candies is a US Flagged, ABS Classed, AMS, ACCU DP 2 Class II DP ROV support vessel with a healthy 8,000 sq.-ft. deck area inclusive of a 20' x 25' moon pool and a permanently installed 100 ton Tele-knuckle crane. The vessel features a heli-deck, cinema, gymnasium, hospital and private conference room along with accommodations for 66 personnel.

The Chloe Candies currently working for a major contractor in the Gulf of Mexico. Saipem America's 250HP Innovator Leviathan ROV and a 100-ton single drum below deck winch complete the vessel spread. The configuration of the Chloe Candies maximizes the vessel effectiveness for activities such as surveys, light construction and well intervention.