Canadian Superior Cases Endeavour Well Offshore Trinidad

Canadian Superior Energy Inc.

Canadian Superior Energy, as Operator of the "Intrepid" Block 5(c), has completed the drilling, logging, casing and cementing of the 13-5/8" casing in the "Endeavour" well to a depth of 9,858 feet subsea; and as of Tuesday October 14, 2008, has drilled the next section of the well, the 12-1/4" hole section, to a depth of 10,795 feet subsea.

The "Endeavour" well was spudded on August 28, 2008 and, as reported previously, drilling has been going well and the well has been drilled successfully and cased with 30", 20", 16" and 13-5/8" casing to date.
The well is planned to be drilled to a total depth of approximately 18,000 feet subsea and the primary objective includes proving up higher pressure horizons like those seen in "Bounty" with a secondary objective including at least one of the productive horizons penetrated in the "Victory" well.

Speaking today, Greg Noval, Canadian Superior's Chairman, said, "I'm pleased to report that drilling operations have been going quite well. At this rate, we will complete drilling this 12-1/4" section of the well before the end of the 4th week in October; to a depth of just over 15,000 feet."

Speaking further, Mike Coolen, the Company's President and Chief Operating Officer, said, "One of the main targets for the well is expected to be encountered in the 12-1/4" hole section of the well which is currently being drilled; and, with the verification of our 3-D seismic interpretation that the 'Victory' and 'Bounty' discoveries have provided, we remain confident that the 'Endeavour' results will meet or exceed our expectations."

The "Endeavour" well is being drilled by the Kan Tan IV semisubmersible drilling rig in about 1,000 feet of water, which also drilled the "Victory" and "Bounty" natural gas discovery wells on this block.