Grenland Group Improves Safety on Petrobras' P-18 Production Platform

Grenland Group

A state of the art Minox de-oxygenation system from Grenland Group is contributing to improved safety, reduced CO2 emissions, reduced chemicals use and reduced corrosion in the process pipes of Petrobras' P-18 platform.

"Petrobras' old fuel gas de-oxygenation system had some challenges related to safety and the environment. Our system is now removing oxygen from the injection water in a more safe, environmentally friendly and efficient way," said Hans Evald Henriksen in Grenland Group.

Fuel gas represents a potential hazard if a gas leak occurs. The Minox de-oxygenation system uses internally regenerated nitrogen gas as a substitute for the explosive fuel gas.

In addition to obtaining a safer platform, Petrobras gets all the other advantages of a Minox system. The oxygen is removed more effectively, which reduces corrosion in equipment and pipe systems, and prevents growth of unwanted bacteria in the oil reservoirs. The technology from Grenland Group is drawing attention worldwide.

"We experience great interest for our Minox de-oxygenation systems. Especially in the current tight energy market, more oil companies would like to inject water in the reservoirs for enhanced oil and gas recovery. In addition to be a stable system effectively removing oxygen from the injection water, the Minox system is both environmentally friendly and flexible with regards to design and capacities," continued Henriksen.

About 30 Minox systems have so far been delivered to installations in the North Sea, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia and West-Africa. The Minox technology from Grenland stands out since the oxygen level in the water is efficiently removed without the use of chemicals. The systems are also very compact and lightweight compared to systems from other suppliers.

The P-18 semisubmersible production platform has been in operation for 14 years in the Campos Basin approximately 110 kilometers off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. This summer another Minox system came on stream on Shell’s Ursa platform, located 130 miles southeast of New Orleans. The Minox system on the Ursa platform worked very well from day one, with measured results far below the required 20 parts per billion oxygen in the injection water.

Minox Technology, based in Notodden, was acquired by Grenland Group in 2006. The systems initially developed by Minox and Norsk Hydro's Research Center, are based on stripping oxygen from water with a closed loop circulated nitrogen gas that has been patented.