Halliburton Deploys Largest Coiled Tubing System in GOM

Halliburton recently demonstrated a new, massive coiled tubing intervention system at its New Iberia, Louisiana, Training Facility. The system, which includes the largest, most powerful, and strongest components ever deployed, consists of Halliburton's V135HP coiled tubing injector, a reel capable of handling 36,000 feet of 2-3/8-inch coiled tubing, and a 750-ton capacity tension lift frame. The coiled tubing string, which will be the longest ever deployed, is constructed of 120,000 pounds yield strength alloy steel making it the strongest ever built. The lift frame is twice the size of normal lift frames.

Designed for high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) operations, the intervention system is headed for BP's Thunder Horse development in the Gulf of Mexico. It will be used primarily during the completion phase of the wells for operations such as fill removal, fluid swap, milling, backup for e-line perforating, fishing, jetting, plug retrieval, and tubing cuts. To add to the efficiency of intervention operations, the tension lift frame is equipped with a track that enables moving the injector without completely rigging down in order to quickly change to wireline operations.

Located in the deepwater Mississippi Canyon area, the Thunder Horse project is in over 6,000 feet of water, the limit of current subsea production technology. Well depths may exceed 30,000 feet measured depth. The water depth combined with well depth necessitates the high capacity equipment. Specifications of the system include 15,000 psi working pressure; 135,000 pounds pull rating; zone 2 power package; 5-1/8-in. 15,000 psi, H2S rated BOP; air-purged zone 2 operator's cabin and electronic data acquisition system.

"This technically advanced, record-size coiled tubing equipment is the result of our continuing commitment to helping operators meet the challenges of deep water operations and improve return on investment on their projects," said David King, senior vice president, Halliburton's Energy Services Group.

Currently contracted to BP, under certain circumstances the coiled tubing equipment can be deployed for other operators. Halliburton expects to have another similar system ready in the near future.