Athens Offers Post-Hurricane Remediation Service to Repair GOM Rigs

Athens Group

Today, Athens Group, an E&P and production consulting company that specializes in risk mitigation and problem remediation for drilling and rig control systems, announced the availability of the Company's Post-Hurricane Remediation service. The new offering, a combination of proven Drilling Technology Assurance Services, is specifically designed to help get Gulf of Mexico drilling rigs damaged by Ike and Gustav back to safe production status as quickly as possible.

According to the most recent Materials Management Service report, 47 drilling platforms and four drilling rigs sustained damage from the storms. Many rigs experienced damage to highly automated and integrated drilling and rig control systems located on the top sides.

"At today's oil prices a damaged rig that's not producing can be losing from one hundred thousand to almost two million dollars per day depending on the production rate," said Mike Haney, CEO at Athens Group. "In addition to the monetary impact, rapid return to production is critical to reducing imports of foreign oil. We're here to help drillers and operators ensure that all the software that operates the rig control systems is properly assessed, redesigned if necessary, refurbished or replaced, and tested thoroughly to ensure it is functioning properly and safely."

Drilling Technology Assurance (DTA) Services encompass repeatable processes, developed through Athens Group's extensive experience with multiple types of drilling control systems and documented in their Drilling Technology Assurance Knowledge Base. These processes were designed to help drilling and oil companies with risk mitigation and problem remediation throughout the entire lifecycle of their rigs.

Executed by third-party consultants with rig software, hardware, drilling, topology and network expertise, DTA is proven to minimize risk and improve problem remediation, reducing schedule delays and non-productive time. These services help ensure the drilling and rig control systems meet customer requirements, are drill ready when the rig is accepted and work with minimal downtime throughout the lifecycle of the rig.