Oilex Drills Extra 200 Meters of Horizontal Oil Pay at Oman's Sarha-2

Oilex Ltd.

Oilex has advised that the Sarha-2 well in Block 56, Oman, has completed drilling a horizontal well in the Sarha Field to a measured depth of 2,138 meters, giving an horizontal intersection of approximately 700 meters in the Al Khlata reservoir.

Drilling was extended by an additional 210 meters to incorporate approximately 200 meters of additional horizontal oil pay in good quality sands interpreted beyond the planned total depth of 1930 meters. Production casing including screens to reduce sand production will now be run and a progressive cavity pump installed in the well.

A short term production test will be conducted with the rig in place to determine the well's productivity and to ensure that the installed pump has adequate capacity for the well.

Temporary surface production facilities will be installed after the rig is released and an extended well test will be conducted for an initial 120 day test period.

Moreover, arrangements are being finalized to truck the produced oil to a nearby (25 kms) pipeline terminal for transport to a crude export terminal on the coast.

Participants in the Oman Block 56 Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement are:

Joint Venture Party Participating Interest

  • Oilex Oman Limited (Operator) 25%
  • Videocon Industries Limited 25%
  • GAIL (India) Limited 25%
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited 12.5%
  • Bharat PetroResources Limited 12.5%