New Exploration Success in Gabon, Tanzania for Maurel & Prom

Maurel & Prom

Maurel & Prom has issued an operational update for its assets in Gabon, Tanzania and Colombia.


The OMBG-1 exploration well, previously Alonha-B, located close to the production center and 3.8 km to the west of the OMKO-10 (5,510 b/d) well, has reached a depth of 1,306 m.

The OMBG-1 well has struck two oil-bearing reservoirs in the geological "Gres de Base" (sandstone) formation:

  • A first 29m-thick range. This level produced 200 b/d through pumping.
  • A second 19m-thick range. This level produced 720 b/d through eruption on a 32/64" duse with wellhead pressure of 115 psi. The reservoir shares the same characteristics as Onal.

The oil produced has the same API degree (34 degrees API) as the oil produced on the Onal field. The two discoveries (OMKO and OMBG) will be appraised by a drilling programme by late 2008 - early 2009.

The exploration program continues with the launch of drilling operations in the OMAL-1 well (ex Alonha-A). 8 exploratory wells are planned to be drilled on the Omoueyi permit (Maurel & Prom 100%, Operator) before the end of the 1st half of 2009.

The foregoing production figures are gross figures and include the share of the State of Gabon.


The M'Bezi-1 exploration well revealed gas-bearing formations in the upper cretaceous formation, thereby confirming the attraction of the exploration work.

This gas could not be produced in commercial quantities due to the lack of the appropriate resources and has therefore been placed on hold. The drilling of the Minangu-1 exploration well, which remains a primary goal in the drilling campaign, is expected to start from the beginning of October.


The Guarrojo SW-1 exploration well, located 7 km to the south-west of the Ocelote field (current total production of 5,750 b/d) revealed an oil range that was too thin to be produced commercially. The next well, Guarrojo NE-1 will be drilled in a more favourable structural position to allow commercial production.