PA Resources Releases Total Production Results for Tunisia, Norway

PA Resources

PA Resources Group has summarized production and sales of crude oil and gas in Tunisia and Norway during the third quarter 2008.

Total production

  • Total oil and gas production in the Group during Q3 2008 totaled 1,402,000 BOE.

Crude Oil

  • Average oil production per day during Q3 2008: 15,200 barrels per day.
  • Accumulated oil production January to September 2008: 3,660,000 BOE.
  • Total oil production during Q3 2008: 1,402,000 BOE.
  • Oil sales during Q3 2008: 1,071,000 BOE.
  • Here of export sales: 776,000 BOE.
  • Here of local sales: 295,000 BOE.
  • Average sales price during Q3 2008: US $107.81per barrel.


  • Total gas production during Q3 2008: 0 BOE
  • Average sales price during Q3 2008: US $0 per BOE


The average production for September 2008 was 14,800 barrels per day. The production has thereafter increased and is now in the range as guided in the production forecast.

On the Didon field in Tunisia, the production well Didon-5 was gradually put back to production in August, after a shut-in since the start-up of the new well Didon-7. A second shut-in was made when the drilling rig was moved from the production platform to the Didon North prospect. The production in the third quarter has been affected by the drilling at the field, rig move and extensive testing of the Didon-5 and Didon-7 wells with periods of reduced or no production.

The Volve field in Norway has delivered record production from two oil producers during the period. A second water injection well has also been completed. However, due to a planned maintenance shutdown of approximately three weeks at the gas export receiving platform, the production was subsequently reduced during the quarter.

Production of oil comes from seven fields in two geographical areas; Tunisia and Norway.