Norex Signs Service Agreement for U.S. Seismic Program

Norex Exploration Services Inc.

Norex Exploration Services Inc. announced the signing of a service agreement with a large multi-national customer for the provision of a recording crew for seismic data acquisition programs in the United States.

Norex anticipates that this contract will result in the deployment of an additional crew for the next year in the United States. In conjunction with this contract, Norex has purchased an additional ten 67,000lb buggy vibrators. With this purchase, the Company's vibrator fleet, consisting of both buggy and truck mounted vibrators, will total 35 machines. As an alternative, or supplemental, to dynamite-based seismic data acquisition, vibrators generate the acoustic shock waves used to generate seismic data.

"Our field operations personnel continually strive to be the safest and most efficient in the industry. The award of this contract is further evidence of the quality of our field operations," commented Paul Crilly, President and CEO.