Royale Energy Makes Californian Gas Discovery

Royale Energy, Inc. has discovered natural gas in its Andrus Island East well in the Sacramento Basin of California, which was drilled as part of its 2008-A drilling project.

The well was drilled to 7,000 ft. and logged pay in two natural gas filled sands in the Nortinville formation at 3,350 ft. and 3,800 ft. The deeper Starkey Channel was penetrated at 6,500 ft. and encountered 26 ft. of high porosity and permeable natural gas filled sands.

"The Company had drilled four commercially productive wells to the shallower Nortinville formations on Andrus Island, noted Donald Hosmer Royale Energy CEO. "This was the first attempt to drill to the deeper Starkey objective. The deeper objective in the well was higher risk but because of the potential upside the Company felt the risk was justified."

After completing and testing the Starkey sand in the Andrus Island East well, it was flowing over 1,000,000 cubic ft. of natural gas per day on a 12/64 choke with strong casing and tubing pressure. The two shallower Nortinville formations remain behind pipe for future completions.

"Additional Starkey wells may also be drilled to increase reserves in the future," stated Donald Hosmer.